Arts and Crafts

An opportunity for imagination to run wild with our exciting Art and Craft Workshops!

Whether it is at a shopping centre, fair, festival, product launch or corporate parties where you want to entertain the kids, Sphere Entertainment will customize the Art and Craft Workshops for your event. Whatever the theme / holiday event is, we have something for you!

Our exciting workshops will give the kids a variety of activities and at the end, everyone will take home something:

  • Colouring Activity Sheets
  • Spring Planters
  • Paper Plate Masks
  • Dream catcher mobiles
  • HolidayCards
  • Animal Badges and more!

Kids can design and draw their own pictures such as butterflies, flowers, rainbows and then watch as it is made into a wearable work of art by a professional button making machine.  Kids can color and cut fall  shapes or be part of some fun science experiment such as making slime, fantastic foam, tornados in the bottle or building a fizz-inflater.

Kids are provided with a huge selection of art and craft products which will make the workshop fun and exciting.  These workshops are fully supervised by trained professionals and they always bring tons of joy.

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