Fire and Aerial Performers

Circus, Fire performances and aerial dance

Sphere Entertainment is happy to present a quality cross section of circus-themed entertainment for your next corporate event, festival, fair or special gathering. We’ll bring to life the magic and fun of the traveling circus with inspiring and innovative performances of fire, circus, juggling, stilt walking, puppetry, magic and much more.

For high energy at its best, our acrobats are enthralling in every sense of the world.

Aerial Dance: Performers gracefully move to music while in the air. They climb up and down the silk fabric, wrapping it around their bodies, making dramatic drops and dynamic dance woven together that will leave audience spellbound.  This will definitely awe and inspire.

Sword swallowing: It is said that there are only 50 living sword swallowers in the entire world as this is one of the most dangerous and bizarre feats. It pushes the limits of the possible – both physically and mentally.

Fire Performance: Sphere Performers will bring fire artistry at your events – may it be indoors or outdoors.  Amaze your guests with fire breathing and eating. You’re event will be the hottest in town with the fire dance performances using different implements – poi, hula hoop and more.

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