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The Web Is a Powerful Tool for Children and Youth

* One third of the world’s population uses the Internet

* Nearly 80% of children between the ages of 0 and 5 use the Internet at least once a week

* 91% of Canadian and American youth ages 2-17 are gaming online

* The fastest growing segment in internet use is children ages 2-5

* Children start using the internet without parental supervision at school age

* The rate of luring a child over the Internet rose by 10% in Canada  in 2011

* Child pornography rose by 40% – the largest increase of any offense in 2011

The Web is a Powerful Tool for Children and Youth – But it Comes with Dangers

With the continuing rise of children’s activity online and the dangers associated with those activities, Sphere Entertainment is embarking on the task of producing a program that will equip the children with the necessary tools to safeguard their identity and not fall prey to the dangers online.

How to protect the identity, what to share and what not to share online, how to overcome peer pressure, and many more important topics will be covered during this entertaining and highly educational program designed for children ages 6-10.

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